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Shakespeare In Bits Live! is a subscription-based hassle-free way to get online access to our renditions of Shakespeare's plays without any downloads, installations, or IT involvement.

For more information on how to subscribe to Shakespeare In Bits Live! click below:
A New Way to Experience Shakespeare

Welcome to Shakespeare In Bits Live! Online, a new service brought to you by MindConnex Learning that gives you, your school and your students instant online access to our fully-animated study editions of Shakespeare's most popular plays.

To help introduce you to Shakespeare In Bits, we have a free limited demos of all of our plays available here. Clicking this link will launch all of our plays right in your browser, and give you unlimited access to selected sample scenes from each play.

View all plays on your desktop or iPad

Shakespeare In Bits is also available for individual users as an app for desktop, iPhone or iPad. Please see our product page for download and purchase details for your device. Versions for Android tablet devices coming soon.

This site is best viewed on a desktop machine running IE9 and above, Firefox 3 or greater, Safari or Chrome. The plays can also be viewed on an iPad. IE8 Users are strongly encouraged to upgrade before trying to use this site.